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Sales activity tracker

Does your rep know what they should do when a new deal is created? Do you know what your entire team is spending their time on? Is your team taking right actions and planning ahead to close deals faster? Use sales activity tracker to plan ahead, track your team’s activities, and automate your sales process steps.

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Plan, track and organize your sales activities

Plan and track your meetings, calls, demos, lunches and emails for every deal, contact, and company. Get a personalized sales to-do list that conveniently syncs with your calendar and mobile devices. Delegate work to team members by easily assigning activities. Our sales activity tracker keeps you informed about past and future actions for each deal and contact using the built-in sales management tools.

Automate your sales activities & playbook

Need to assign sales rep to call new leads coming from the website? Need to ask accounting to create an invoice as soon as the deal is won? Salesmate has that covered. Automatically create sales activities and assign them to your team members as deals, contacts, and companies are created and updated.

Salesmate’s sales management tools automate your sales process steps and handle delegation while you focus on closing big deals.

Sales timeline for easy tracking

All that matters is you take the right action at the right time to push the deal forward. The pipeline board reveals the deals that have activities overdue or have no activities scheduled at all. Salesmate CRM for small business will help you make sure that your team does not let a perfectly good deal die due to inaction.

Smart Calendar view

Need to how many appointments are scheduled for the coming week or where do you have a free space to meet a potential prospect? Through a clear Calendar view, find all your to-dos and pending activities on a single screen. Effortlessly reschedule your activities as per your work priorities. Stay organized with a calendar view of all your activities and use your time efficiently.

Track all your sales activities

Keep an eye on all your sales activities and automate the processes to be more productive.

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Start your day with a plan & motivation

When you start everyday with a plan and positive mindset, nothing will keep you from winning. With Salesmate, every morning will start with a beautiful plan and a daily motivation personalized for you. Prepare your team for a productive day and winning more deals.

Never miss a follow up with personalized notifications & reminders

Get instant notifications as new sales activities are assigned to you. Delegate activities to your team and get notified as they take action.

If you are a mobile app person, Salesmate will send you push notifications on your iOS or Android device.

Would you like Salesmate to remind you for your meetings to get some prep time before the important deal closing meeting? You got it. Just tell Salesmate your preference and it will remind you to get ready for the action.

Know where your team is investing their time

The more actions you take the better your chances are for success. Do you know how many calls, emails and meetings your sales team is making everyday? What is your top sales rep doing differently? Who is the hardest working sales rep on the team? Salesmate’s activity insights helps you understand the efforts your team is making and how those efforts are impacting your revenue goals. Encourage accountability in your team by understanding your team’s behavior so you can help everyone to take the actions that matter.

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Fully customizable to fit your sales process

Activities are fully customizable to meet your planning and management style.

Happy & Growing Customers

Fantastic value for a CRM platform with easy staff onboarding and great back-end webhook integration support.

Ian Ray

CTO – Airshark

Salesmate is very easy to use and affordable. It’s a one stop shop when it comes to managing my clients.

Jessica Williams

Fashion Designer - Irregular Exposure

It’s very user-friendly, easy to navigate, and simple to use. Not much training is involved for the new staff to get them off the ground. I like how stages are set and we can move the deals accordingly!

Johnny Beig

CEO - Alanic International

Very convenient and easy CRM with all the necessary features, quick and professional support

Zora Zamecnikova

Brand Ambassador

Solid CRM for small business looking for an easy to use, yet impactful CRM

Mike Barugel



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