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Small but valuable updates to increase your efficiency

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It’s said that number seven is a charm. And Salesmate is here to make the seventh month of the year more magical with these new updates! 

Catch up with the new additions to your Salesmate CRM that are guaranteed to enhance your work efficiency and productivity. 

Here are the new updates for the month of July: 

1. Set default pipeline 

The companies having multiple pipelines to cater to the different types of prospects or business lines will get the option to choose the default pipeline for each user. This helps users to auto-select their primary pipeline at the time of creating new deals.  

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2. Bulk actions for failed and bounced emails for sequences 

A sequence step failed due to any reasons? Don’t worry about retrying each step manually. With our new bulk operations, you can now choose multiple failed or bounced contacts and choose the next action step. 

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3. Download chat transcript 

Keep and share records for every past conversation by downloading chat transcripts in text format and provide your customers an option for the same. Your chances of missing out on important details in a conversation are now next to nil. 

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4. Conversation quick view 

Use quick views to open conversations from the recent conversations widget and notification section and stop juggling between multiple screens. 

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5. Select the order of emails in the thread 

View the latest emails at the top or bottom of the conversation view, choose your favorite email order, and visualize emails inside the personal inbox and team accordingly. 

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6. Improvised speed for messenger widget 

Your messenger widget is now faster and lighter, so it can load on your website quicker than ever before :)  

This is it for this edition 👋, but more updates are coming your way soon.  

Let us know how these updates help you and your organization so that we can keep improving Salesmate for you!

If you haven’t tried Salesmate yet, what are you waiting for?

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