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Overview Salesmate – GDPR compliance

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The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has set a new standard for how companies use and protect EU citizens’ data.

At Salesmate, we are committed to security and privacy of our customers,  to ensure that we fulfill all obligations to maintain data integrity and provide transparency about how we use data.

Here’s an overview of GDPR:

  • All data is encrypted during transit and in storage.
  • We perform background checks for employees and provide them data security training.
  • Only limited employees have access to contact’s data and they only check it to respond to your support requests and make sure every essential functionality is working as expected. Access is revoked quickly if there is no further need.
  • Whenever a new feature is released, we test it against penetrations tests to make sure there are no vulnerability or security issues.
  • As per GDPR, In the event of a Security Incident, Salesmate will notify you asap basis and will provide reasonable assistance to mitigate or rectify data.
  • We have DPA signed with all our sub-processors, and we will keep informing you if there is any change in our list of sub-processors.

You can check out our Privacy Policy and Terms of Services to grab more detailed understanding.

P.S. GDPR is much more than checking off a task from your list. It is an in-depth practice which is needed to be carried to maintain the privacy of your contact’s data. There is no certification process by which you can assure that you are a complaint. We will keep improving our system as GDPR evolves to make sure we serve in the best way possible to our customers for serving EU citizens.

You can view and sign our DPA online or send your signed version to for review.

Read more: Salesmate GDPR FAQs

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