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CRM for agencies

As your media, marketing, advertising or digital agency grows, it become increasingly necessary to stay on your toes by streamlining your sales process. A CRM for your agency keeps you on the top of your game by keeping your client’s and future prospects leads organized as you take them through the sales funnel.

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How will CRM be beneficial for your Media/Marketing/Advertising agency?

Salesmate is an all in one sales tool that you can use for your digital agency. Salesmate CRM sync with Google Suite and Microsoft products so you can use it as your one stop shop for all of your sales activities. Stop wasting time looking for emails, looking for lost documents, and trying to manage your prospects on spreadsheets. Salesmate will help you be organized which will give you more time to focus on the prospect.

With Salesmate CRM for your digital agency –

  • You can manage your inbound leads through your website
  • Create a list of targeted prospects you are pursuing
  • Keep track of all your current clients and what projects you have completed for them
  • Track the status of every potential deal in your sales pipeline
  • Forecast your company sales
  • Track your sales team’s productivity: Phone calls, Demos, Meetings, etc…
  • Keep all conversations with your clients in one place to build a customer profile for future use
  • Use our Telephony system to make outbound and handle inbound calls
  • Take your projects from sales to a project management tool so your company can start fulfilling the project you have signed
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What can Salesmate CRM do for your media and advertising agency?

Spot interested prospects

Quit wasting time by chasing bad deals and know who is interested in working with your digital agency by using our system to organize all the details of the lead.

Using a CRM for your digital agency, you can view who opened and read your emails. This will help you in identifying the prospects that are engaged giving you a higher opportunity to reach out and close the deals.

Learn more about email tracking

Build strong client-agency relationships

You can manage all your current clients in Salesmate CRM. Understand all projects and initiatives you have completed for them. This gives you the opportunity to upsell your clients to grow your revenue.

Maintain details and combat attrition

Marketing, media, and advertising agencies have always witnessed high attrition rate. Don’t let this high attrition affect your client-agency relationship. With Salesmate CRM for media agencies, you can capture data at each stage of the sales process.

Everything from customer information to emails, communication and deal details is structured in one place making the transition much smoother. So, whenever and internal employee resigns, the next person can continue from where he left last without affecting the customer relationship.

Learn more about contact management

Integrate with your favorite applications

Maximize efficiency and increase your agency’s margins by integrating with various third-party applications.

Salesmate CRM for agencies gives you the flexibility to integrate with apps like MailChimp, Slack, and Google Drive so that you call send bulk emails, brainstorm new idea with your team, and share files seamlessly without jumping between apps. Save your time and focus on closing more business.

Learn more about Integration

Powerful sales reports

Your agency can create reports in seconds and even customize them as per your agency’s unique needs. Set sales goals, understand sales reps individual performances, and spot new trends.

Learn more about sales reports

Create multiple sales pipeline

As a media, marketing or advertising agency, managing sales for prospects from diverse business niche can be difficult. With Salesmate CRM for agencies your can effortlessly handle prospects from different industries by creating multiple sales pipeline.

With Salesmate you can customize each stage of the sales pipeline as per your specific preference-

  • Create as many stages as needed
  • Add, edit and rename stages
  • Add win probability to forecast your sales

Learn more about sales pipeline

Get your agency business organized using Salesmate CRM

Easy to use with advanced features at a very affordable price

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Why use Salesmate CRM to grow your advertising agency?

Happy & Growing Customers
Jacqui Sabo

We can see our pipeline, including the sales process stages and the dollar volume at each stage. Since our inception 90 days ago, our pipeline has grown 100%

Jacqui Sabo

Vice President - Faciliteq

Salesmate is very easy to use and affordable. It’s a one stop shop when it comes to managing my clients.

Jessica Williams

Fashion Designer - Irregular Exposure

It’s very user-friendly, easy to navigate, and simple to use. Not much training is involved for the new staff to get them off the ground. I like how stages are set and we can move the deals accordingly!

Johnny Beig

CEO - Alanic International

Fantastic value for a CRM platform with easy staff onboarding and great back-end webhook integration support.

Ian Ray

CTO – Airshark

It integrates very well with GMail and Chrome – It’s extremely easy to set up and truthfully Salesmate has THE best customer service team bar none. That is truly the benefit. Oh- I almost forgot, it’s insanely cheap.

Alan Peterson

President - Skytop Business Loans LLC


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