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Contact Management

Effectively manage your contacts and relationships with a 360° contact management feature from Salesmate CRM. Easily import or capture your contacts/leads, enrich them, track all conversations and activities, and have informed conversations with better insights.

Learn more about contact management

  • Create reliable data repository

    Import contacts from Google, Mobile, CSV/Excel files or capture them using our form integrations with all required fields for your business.

  • Filters / Segmentation / Search

    Intuitively filter your contacts on host of criteria and save the filters smart views (segments). Effortlessly search across all your contacts.

  • Auto profile enrichment

    Say goodbye to manually entering data into the system. Salesmate auto enriches your contact data using clearbit integration.

  • Auto assignments

    Auto-assign contacts/leads to your sales reps using sales workflows. Not only that you can automate the busywork of sending emails.

  • Sales activity tracking

    Plan for upcoming single or recurring events, send emails, log calls or post- sales notes directly from your contact and company views.

  • Bulk actions

    Use powerful bulk actions to update, delete, merge, and manage your contacts. Send bulk emails, assign owners, and export.

Sales Pipeline

Quickly view, organize, prioritize and follow-up using simplified pipeline view of your complex sales process to close more deals.

Learn more about sales pipeline

  • Visual sales pipeline

    Get clear visualization of your deals spread across different stages of the sales pipeline
    with clear indications where you need.

  • Easy to use

    Filter and sort required deals, drag drop them from one stage to another or quickly plan next actions from board view itself.

  • Activities and automation

    Automate creation of follow-up tasks, calls or demos when a deal reaches to the particular stage or set auto reminders for deals.

  • Improve collaboration

    Every part of your communication is like notes, emails, planned and completed activities is present on your deal timeline.

  • Deal pipeline forecast

    Get insights around the overall health of your sales pipeline based on each deal’s current
    stage and plan.

  • Manage deals on the go

    All information about deals and required plan of action to close them is available on Salesmate IOS/Android apps.


Smart Emails

Know what happens to your emails once you hit send. Build email templates and measure their performance to get actionable insights to optimize your sales process.

Learn more about smart emails

  • 2-way email sync

    Sync your favorite Google, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo or other imap services to send and receive emails directly inside Salesmate.

  • Email tracking

    Get notified real time whenever someone opens or click an email, so you plan next course of action and improve engagement.

  • Personalised templates

    Spend less time in rewriting same emails. Use mail merge tags to personalize your email templates

  • Insightful email metrics

    Optimize your conversion rate by measuring open and click tracking of email templates, and always send email which works best for you.

  • Send bulk emails

    Send personalized bulk emails to your customers and prospects with a single click and make mundane follow-up activities to fun one.

  • Never miss emails

    Get your emails auto linked with concerned deals, or manually attach with existing deals or create the new one.

  • Deliver when you want

    Following up clients or prospects from different time zone becomes very easy with Salesmate’s schedule functionality.

  • Team Inbox

    Quickly set up shared team inbox using Gmail, Microsoft 365 or any other webmail service. Mention teammates in internal notes and create a collaborative environment.

Smart Queue

Choose a bunch of activities you want to perform in a day and create an automated Smart Queue. Drastically improve your sales efficiency with task automation

Learn more about Smart Queue

  • Design your ideal day

    Bunch up your favorite activities for the day and run them one by one using Smart Queue. This functionality will take away a huge chunk of your manual work and offer apex efficiency.

  • Control the queue

    Control every aspect of the automated queue while using automation. You can Pause & Resume the queue, Skip & Reschedule activities, and manually complete every activity.

  • Use it as a Power Dialer

    Smart Queue can be used as a Power Dialer to call a list of prospects one after another in a row. Power Dialer will definitely double up your calling performance!

  • More tasks = More sales

    Smart Queue helps you perform a huge number of tasks in a day that will eventually result in more deal closures and more sales!


Create a solid mix of emails, texts, and activities to take regular follow ups of your prospects and drastically close more deals, all working on autopilot.

Learn more about Sequences

  • Email Sequences

    A series of carefully crafted emails, sent within the right intervals, can help you gain more attention from your prospects, and eventually contribute to your sales.

  • Text & MMS

    Now reach to the pockets of your prospects with automated Text Sequences. Text can be a great addition to your outreach channels and very useful to deliver short information.

  • Activity as a reminder

    Activities are a huge part of the follow up process and Salesmate won’t let you miss that. Between the two stages, you can set activities and the CRM will remind you to take action.

  • Mix it up a little bit!

    We designed Sequences to make your process limitless, so you can create a good mix of Emails, Texts, and Activities as a part of your Sequence. And the rest will be taken care of by Salesmate!


One size doesn’t fit all. Salesmate provides plenty of Customizations to tailored fit your company’s style, and push selling to next level with your teammates.

Learn more about customizations

  • Deal pipelines and stages

    You can build multiple sales and business pipelines with different stages for each, to support your different teams or products.

  • Custom fields

    Feel free to capture and arrange the different type of data for your contacts, companies and deals, so that you can drive better results by analyzing.

  • Custom activity types

    Custom activity types help you to track the required type of communication for closing a deal and enables.

  • User roles and access control

    Keep full control over your business’s data by creating and assigning roles to your users, to make sure that only required records.

  • Custom views (segments) / Reports

    Access data which matters to you in the required format. Use filters to create segments, reports and widgets which you want to access.

  • Multiple currencies and time-zone

    Don’t worry if your team is distributed in multiple time zones or have clients from different countries.

Mobile CRM

Supercharge your productivity while you are working on-the-go with Salesmate’s IOS / Android mobile apps. Get 360° view, manage deals or schedule and perform activities.

Learn more about mobile CRM

  • Data at your fingertips

    Access information about contacts, deals, activities from anywhere. Brush up your details before starting any important meeting. fingertips

  • Manage deals

    Quickly post notes or change stage/status of the deal after demo or call, so your teammates are aware of progress and can predict sales forecast.

    Learn more about deal management

  • Integrated inbox

    No need to juggle between your CRM and Mail app. Directly manage all your email conversations from Salesmate with 2-way email sync.

  • Productive email templates

    Use email templates to eliminate the time required for rewriting long repeated emails from mobile, just select them and send them.

  • Log calls

    Enjoy call tracking facility by initiating calls from Salesmate. Log conversations, link deals, post call notes and schedule next course of activities.

  • Notifications

    Salesmate offers lots of predefined notifications and their channels. Enable most import notifications messages for you.

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Salesmate comes with essential integrations to save your time and deliver extended functionality. Connect your favorite apps and streamline business processes.

Learn more about integrations

  • Gmail / MS Exchange / Outlook / More

    Connect your favorite email provider with Salesmate via 2-way email sync functionality, and enjoy auto linking of emails with contacts.

  • Google Calendar

    Sync your activities with google calendar, to visualize your week or months planning and get reminded about them.

  • Google Drive

    Easily upload and browse documents with contact, deals or activities using Google drive integration.

  • ClearBit

    Auto enriches your contact information with limited data entry, so you can focus on closing more deals than furnishing data manually.

  • QuickBooks Online

    Find your important financial details like invoices, payments, and estimates inside your contact records with Salesmate + QuickBooks Online Integration.

  • Gravity Forms

    More power for your WordPress website, by utilizing your existing forms to capture new contacts and deals and schedule next set.

  • Slack

    Increase collaboration between teammates by auto posting updates about deals or searching required details without leaving the slack channel.

  • Zapier

    Use Zapier integration Connect Salesmate to hundred of different apps to boost your business.

  • RingCentral

    Make, Receive and log calls directly inside Salesmate. Access full contact and deal information during contact and capture quick.

  • PieSync

    Sync your contacts between your favorite cloud apps ( MailChimp, Google, ActiveCampaign) and Salesmate using PieSync’s robust integration.

Built-in Phone

Avoid time wasted in manually dialing numbers and making any mistakes. Just call to people with a single click, take notes during the call and log them to drive better insights about your sales process.

Learn more about CRM with built-in phone

  • Use click-to-call

    Connect with your contacts/prospects with just one click using voice over IP. Initiate and receive more calls with Salesmate.

  • Automatically log calls

    Salesmate will auto log inbound and outbound calls . So you don’t miss any information.

  • Conversation history

    With a call start, you get full information about the contact, past conversions and related deals on the screen, no need to search anything manually.

  • Call recordings

    While on call, you may record phone calls and save them, for future usage and maintaining complete conversion history.

  • Activity reports

    Measure how many calls are made and received by your teammates and their outcome. These insights are helpful to understand.

  • Text Messaging (SMS)

    Maintain the relationship with your prospects and clients with bulk texting, personalized messages or schedule your messages to suit the time zone of your prospects and customers.

Activity Management

Always keep track of what is happening and what needs to be done to drive more sales and increase team collaboration.

Learn more about activity management

  • Customize activities

    Salesmate comes with a predefined set of common activity types, but as every business is unique.

  • Work in collaboration

    Create and share activities with your teammates, so everyone is aware of the progress and can collaborate
    to finish them together.

  • Notifications

    Get notified whenever an activity is assigned to you, any notes is posted inside or it is due. So you never miss anything which is important.

  • Detailed reports

    You get lots of different insights like activities over time, activities by user and type of activities done by teammates to measure performance.


Fuel your growth with the proper analytics and visual reporting for each aspect of your small business. Make sure your team is chasing required goals with the right approach.

Learn more about reporting

  • Visual sales reports

    Our reports present beautiful charts with compact tables to understand how teammates are performing to achieve common goals.

  • Detailed analytics

    Salesmate reports come with different filters to analyze data at the granular level. So explore required matrix as per your requirements.

  • Sales activity reports

    Measure how many average numbers of calls, meetings and tasks are being done by your teammates to close deals.

  • Goal oriented reports

    Set healthy competition by defining goals for your teammates and know every individual’s contribution to close a sale.

  • Pipeline & revenue reports

    Ensure you have enough pipeline for each stage and Keep comparing forecasted and actual closers for improving your sales processes.

  • Custom reports

    Don’t limit yourselves with our default reports, build customized reports with different chart formats and matrix by selecting your datasets.

Product Management

Businesses dealing with multiple products and services can easily create, add, manage the list of the products and associate the same to deals. Keep a track of everything you sell.

Learn more about product management

  • Add products

    Salesmate CRM enables users to customize the information related to your products. Add and customize product descriptions, tags, SKU codes, different variations and pricing of your products using product management inside Salesmate CRM.

  • Associate products with deal

    Do not worry while adding a single or multiple products to your deals inside Salesmate CRM. You can take any of your product(s) from the consolidated list of products and associate it/them with a particular deal.

  • Adjust pricing easily

    Add more value to your prospects purchase by availing them better discounts and close deals faster. You can easily add a product with different variations and prices as Salesmate supports multiple currencies.

  • Track your product reports

    Add, manage and sell your products without any hassle using product management inside Salesmate CRM. Generate reports based on your sales and derive the popularity of your products based on their sales volume.


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