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Product Updates

Salesmate is getting better every day. Find all the latest Salesmate CRM feature updates here.

August 2021

Meeting Scheduler New

Salesmate’s product team has been vigorously working on resolving the hassle that goes behind scheduling meetings. Hence, came about Salesmate’s Meeting Scheduler! Read More

Acvitiy module has a new look now! Update

To make the platforms work better with all the new features and functionalities, few changes has been applied to the activity module. Read More

July 2021

Set your default pipeline Update

Choose a default pipeline and it will be selected whenever a new deal is created. Read More

Bulk actions for failed contacts under Sequences Update

Set up bulk operations for all bounced and failed emails in your sequences. Read More

Download chat transcript Update

Have a record of your conversation history by downloading chat transcript in text format. Read More

Conversation quick view Update

Track any recent conversation without switching between multiple screens with quick view option. Read More

Email threading order Update

Set an order for your email threads based on your preference for optimal efficiency. Read More

Messenger is now faster and lighter Update

Messenger widget is now faster and lighter so it can load on your website quicker than ever before.

June 2021

Customize your deal cards Update

Choose the fields you want to add to your deal cards and only view important information. Read More

Snooze chat conversation Update

Snooze a conversation to put it on hold and get reminded to follow up later. Read More

View recent conversations Update

Get access to all your recent conversations from the new widget inside the messenger inbox and contact details. Read More

May 2021

Create deal or activity from Messenger/Text screen Update

Plan a new activity or create a deal for the customer while conversing with them on Messenger or via Text messages.

Create deals using workflows Update

Auto-create deals whenever a new contact or company is added inside the system. Now, create deals on the go.

Enroll contacts to sequence using workflows Update

Now get the liberty to auto-enroll contacts to sequences using workflows.

Decide ownership of Web forms Update

Get the freedom to choose the owner of each web form and manage data efficiently.

Tag conversations New

Now you can tag your conversations inside Messenger for better management and also use the search functionality to find conversations. Read More

Canned responses New

Create canned responses and quickly respond to the frequently asked questions and deliver a better user experience. Read More

Search directly from Messenger New

Search and filter your data quickly using this new search functionality from Messenger. Read More

Launched Dashboard 2.0 for IOS/Android apps Update

Now get access to insightful reports right from your mobile screens.

Block unwanted callers - Mobile Apps Update

No more spam! Now block spam callers right from your mobile call logs or contacts list.

April 2021

Introducing chat messenger (Beta) New

Salesmate has launched a Messenger (live chat) functionality so you can connect with your website visitors in real-time. Read More

Business card scanner to collect data faster - Mobile App New

Our business card scanner enables you to capture contact information and store it directly in your Salesmate mobile app. Read More

March 2021

Salesmate + PandaDoc Integration Integration

Seamlessly keep track of all your proposals, exchange crucial information, eSign contracts with Salesmate and PandaDoc integration. Read More

Introducing Web forms New

Salesmate is here with a simplified solution for capturing high-quality leads by creating smart web forms. Read More


February 2021

Exchange e-signed agreements and contracts with DocuSign Integration

Integrate DocuSign with your Salesmate CRM and send e-signed agreements quickly to your clients, Read More

Six new reports for improved team efficiency Update

Get detailed reports of call summary, the deals that you won, and its amount to analyze the performance of your sales team. Read More

January 2021

Custom email tracking domain to improve email credibility Update

Get your personalized domain to track email clicks and open to have better email delivery. Read More

Texting made easy with more cotext on text screen Update

Get all your customers' details from the sidebar on your text screen and have seamless conversation. Read More

Fresh look for your ease of use Update

Increase your productivity with improvements that help you get a clear view of your contacts. Read More

Detailed call logs, text filters and much more for better experience Update

Get insights with text filters, become more productive with enhanced sequence filters and get detailed call logs. Read More

December 2020

Sort by deal value in board view Update

Easily filter high-value deals on the top of the deal board by opting for value-based sorting. Read More

Auto-stop recording to avoid any hassle Update

The recording will be automatically stopped when you receive a call while listening to a voicemail or old sales call. Read More

Search users while call transfer Update

Easily find the user or the number using quick search and transfer the call to provide real-time assistance to your valuable clients. Read More

Optimize Bell notifications for important updates only Update

Choose which notifications should be displayed under the bell notification center by enabling the bell notification for specific activities that are important to you. Read More

Get more context from deal notification emails Update

Get better context to the deal notification emails by getting the deal name, contact name, and the associated company name inside the emails. Read More

Assign a deal title automatically while creating a new deal Update

Now you no longer need to add the deal name manually while creating a deal. The deal names will be automatically assigned by fetching the company name. Read More

Quick contact views from sequence scheduled list Update

Now access contact information at a click from the list of scheduled email under sequences. Read More

Adding Last Name isn’t a compulsion anymore Update

The compulsion of adding the Last Name is removed. Now you can either provide a first name or last name and create or import a new contact with ease. Read More

Keep vital and sensitive data secured with passcode New

Use passcode functionality and add an extra layer of security to prevent any possible data theft. Read More

Fill up the missing details with Clearbit integration New

Auto profile enrichment is now also available in the mobile app with Clearbit integration. Read More

Capture attention with compelling media-rich emails Update

Compose an email from your Salesmate mobile app and add images and documents from your phone’s gallery or file manager. Read More

November 2020

Native integration for Xero Integration

Now simplify the tedious task of managing payments, estimates, invoices and get a streamlined view of all your financial records within Salesmate CRM. Read More

A faster and more powerful Import engine New

We have revamped our import engine to make it more powerful and better than before. Read More

Mobile app enhancements Update

Get more productivity and campaigning features with these new mobile app enhancements. Read More

October 2020

Introducing Reports 2.0 and Dashboard 2.0 New

Check out the all-new Dashboard and Reports for better and in-depth sales analytics. Read More

June 2020

Presenting Power Dialer for your team New

Salesmate Power Dialer is here to level up your calling productivity. Read More

Introducing all-new Boost plan New

We are coming up with a new pricing plan called "Boost", specially designed for growing sales teams. Read More

Introducing Teams New

Now you can create a team and notify all members at once! Read More

Voicemail Drop New

No repetition of dropping voicemail for every unanswered call anymore! Read More

Filters in Team Inbox Update

Declutter your Team Inbox conversations with newly added Filters. Read More

Enroll deals into Sequences Update

Bulk enroll deals and make contacts a part of a Sequence. Read More

Bulk activity creation Update

Create bulk activities for Contacts, Companies, and Deal modules. Read More

May 2020

Form relationships between records using Lookup Fields New

Relate your records using Single & Multiple type Lookup Fields. Read More

April 2020

List views are even more customizable now Update

We have improved List Views with two important additions. Read More

March 2020

Call log filters in mobile app Update

Now bifurcate calls using newly added call log filters in mobile app too. Read More

February 2020

Send MMS with text messages New

Now share images, videos, documents, and audio files with text messages. Read More

More flexibility in Sequences Update

Edit content, change SMTP, and change the phone number of an ongoing sequence.

Call log filters Update

Get better bifurcation of calls using newly added filters.

More details in Calling Popup Update

See alias and phone number types in Calling Popup.

Bcc: Auto-link your emails with contacts Update

Auto-associate forwarded Bcc emails with existing contacts in Salesmate.

Contact and Company types New

A new field for both contact and companies with color-coding that helps you categorize your records in a much more efficient manner. Read More

Associated Contacts - New Smart field for company Update

Get a new smart field inside Salesmate for the company module that will auto calculate the number of associated contacts with a company.

Quick Activity Filters Update

A revived activity listing page, giving you more options to filter activity quickly using activity types and due period.

New User Screen Update

An improved user listing screen to show better and clear information about user ids and whether they have enabled Two-factor authentication or not.

Better Handling of Missed Calls Update

Now any missed incoming call will not be auto-logged as a closed activity. Instead, will remain in open status. So the user doesn't miss that out and can manually close it.

Mobile app updates Update

Calendar view and text conversation view is now available on Salesmate mobile apps too.

December 2019

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Update

Double the security of your Salesmate account with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Read More

Automate Birthday and Anniversary greetings Update

Send emails and texts to your prospects and customers on their birthday and anniversary using workflows. Read More

November 2019

Manage the number of rings Update

Choose the number of seconds your phone will ring before calls get transferred to voicemail or other users. Read More

Mark your views as Favorite Update

Now you can mark your most-used views as favorite and find them easily in a dedicated section. Read More

Add Instagram account of your contacts Update

With Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, now you can include Instagram account of your contacts.

Sent folder in text messages Update

You will be able to see the sent text messages along with Inbox and Scheduled.

Immediately enroll contacts in a sequence Update

Now you can add any contact in the existing sequence and execute the first step immediately.

Team Inbox follower list Update

Now you can see the list of your teammates who are following a particular team inbox.

Call Masking Update

Start using your personal number by masking it with your business number. Read More

Calendar view Update

Added calendar view for helping you manage all your sales activities in a better way. Read More

October 2019

Sequences New

Salesmate CRM adds sequences for strengthening your outreach. Now embrace automation for quickly reaching your potential buyers. Read More

Text conversation view Update

Text messages with upgraded text conversation view to get better insights inside Salesmate. Read More

Native integration for QuickBooks Integration

Salesmate CRM becomes finance savvy. Now manage all your financial data inside the smart intelligence software without switching apps. Read More

September 2019

Mobile app: Activity recurrence, rescheduling, and quick action in geo-location screen Update

Decide activity recurrence, reschedule it, and do much more within geo-location screen. Read More

July 2019

Fresher Salesmate CRM Update

Salesmate CRM now has a fresher interface, faster loading speed, mode preference and much more in this new update. Read More

June 2019

Mobile app: Smarter advance filters New

Get advance filters functionality on your mobile CRM that enables micro level search inside any module. Read More

Mobile app: Text message scheduling New

Salesmate mobile apps will now allow users to add templates to their texts and schedule it as per their client’s or prospect’s geographical location. Read More

Mobile app: On-the-go activity logging New

Salesmate new update makes it easier for sales reps to log their past activities and also schedule a follow-up activity for the same deal, company or contact from their mobile devices. Read More

May 2019

Access shared team inbox from your smartphone Update

Salesmate CRM brings team inbox functionality for your iOS and Android devices as well. Now, quickly resolve customer queries and keep your customers happy. Read More

April 2019

Save calls against companies Update

This update will allow users to communicate important deal-related information or update businesses regarding any upcoming schedule over a phone call or text message. Read More

Track on-field sales team members New

By using this feature every business owner and manager will be able to track the location from where the sales rep(s) created contacts, companies, activities or deals. Read More

MPZMail Integration Integration

With this integration in place, all your future contacts will auto-sync, so you do not need to shuffle between two systems. Read More

March 2019

Shared team inbox New

Salesmate brings collaborative workspace for managing emails with Shared Team Inbox update. A collaborative workspace that combines team efforts and solves customer queries with better efficiency. Read More

February 2019

Call transfer on Android app New

If you are using Salesmate mobile app for Android smartphone, you can now transfer your call to your colleague for providing better experience. Read More

Product and service management New

Salesmate CRM has now released it's brand new feature - Product and services management to keep the track of what you are selling. Add products and services that your business offers, associate them with deals and manage seamlessly inside Salesmate CRM. Read More

January 2019

Multiple attachments on Mobile Update

Users will be able to insert multiple attachments at a time while sending emails to their prospect or clients Read More

Mention users within your mobile CRM New

Now, use @mentions to get someone’s attention and quick updates. Read More

December 2018

Call transfer on iOS app New

If you are using Salesmate mobile app for iPhone or iPad, you can now transfer your call to respective person. Read More

Attach email to a deal on mobile Update

When you receive an email, just select the relevant deal you want to attach the email conversation. Read More

Quick sorting in mobile CRM New

Salesmate has added sorting options in the mobile CRM app so that you can search whatever you need with just a few clicks. Read More

HTML support on mobile New

Easily use the templates created on your web app and send it through Salesmate mobile app with or without editing it. Read More

Email threading to your smartphone New

Get full context of your past conversations with your prospect or client at your fingertip. Read More

Smart insights Update

Enhance your salespeople’s on-the-go sales productivity without the need of accessing the data on desktop app. Read More

October 2018

Transfer calls within Salesmate New

Salesmate built-in phone system has now become more powerful with call transfer. You can transfer an ongoing call to your teammate, or a phone number. Read More

Email threading New

Get all your email conversations organized with email threading. All your emails from a single conversation are grouped together in a single thread. Read More

Upgraded chrome plugin Update

Salesmate chrome plugin for gmail has now become more powerful with simplified list view, quick sorting, and click to add records. Read More

Google team drive support Integration

Salesmate CRM now supports Google team drive for better document collaboration. Save time and seamlessly collaborate with the team. Read More

Knowlarity click-to-call integration Integration

If you are using SuperReceptionist by Knowlarity for your business, you can integrate it with Salesmate. Read More

Set your deal win probability Update

We have updated the functionality; allowing you to set win probability for each deal irrespective of stage. This will only affect the deals where you enable manual changes by users. Read More

September 2018

Send SMS from Mobile CRM Update

Send and receive text messages directly from the Salesmate mobile CRM app available for iOS and Android. Read More

Media Manager New

Easily add images and email signatures with propers CTAs to beautify your email and boost the conversion rate. Read More

Contact Deduplication Update

By rolling out our duplicacy management update, you can now be assured to avoid contact redundancy drawbacks. Read More

August 2018

Call from Your Mobile New

Make and receive calls from your Salesmate mobile app... Read More

Global Search Update

Global search UI/UX improvements in Salesmate web app... Read More

Chrome Plugin Update

New and improved chrome plugin supporting new Gmail... Read More

July 2018

Text Messaging New

Reach out to a large number of prospects and customers with text messaging... Read More

Email deliverability with DKIM New

With Domain Key Identified Mail (DKIM) you can now send out emails from Salesmate using your own email id... Read More

June 2018

Built-in Calling New

Salesmate CRM has now released built-in calling feature for effective sales calls... Read More

Auto Associate Email Threads with Deals New

Email messages from the same conversation will be grouped together... Read More

Smart Activity Reminders New

Set smart reminders against outbound emails to remind yourself to follow up on important emails and never miss a critical conversation... Read More

Microsoft Calendar Integration New

Synchronise the activities in your CRM system with your online Microsoft Office 365 calendar and Microsoft exchange calendar... Read More

April 2018

Mobile App Updates Update

Work efficiently and find all the information you need at one place without putting in extra efforts... Read More

Salesmate Customizations Update

Salesmate updates about deal board views, layout, activity status, and many more... Read More

March 2018

Aesthetic Design and Intuitive Features Update

We have rolled out some exciting updates which will enhance your productivity and simplify the sales management process... Read More

IndiaMART Integration Integration

Automatic Lead Capture from IndiaMART, India’s largest online marketplace connects buyers with suppliers... Read More

February 2018

iOS App Feature Updates Feb 2018 Update

Get direction on map from contact detail, quickly call or email, actionable updates for deal etc... Read More

November 2017

Mega Integrations Integration

Mega integration updates for October 2017... Read More

Geolocation in Mobile Apps New

Fetch the contact information of your prospects and clients within 100-mile radius of your current location... Read More

Smart Filters New

Filters are available on all the list view across all modules viz. contacts, companies, activities, and deals... Read More

October 2017

Data Export New

Exporting data made easy with Salesmate latest update... Read More

Data Import New

Experience an improvised import with Salesmate... Read More

September 2017

PieSync Integration Integration

Set up a two-way contact sync between Salesmate and any of your desired cloud-based application and seamlessly transfer your contacts... Read More

Gravity Forms Salesmate Add-on for WordPress New

Do not need to dig into your emails to find a potential lead. They will appear in your CRM’s contact database to connect instantly. Read More

Tag management Update

This makes it easier for your sales team to pull up any record of that contact by searching the tag that particular contact is associated with. Read More

Call tracking in mobile apps New

Logging and tracking all your outgoing calls is now easier with Salesmate’s iOS and Android app. Read More

Zapier Integration Integration

We have added eight new zaphooks to the Zapier-Salesmate integration Read More

May 2017

Slack Integration Integration

Fosters teamwork by centralizing all the communication of the team at one place... Read More

December 2016

Google Drive Integration Integration

Have a hassle-free management of your common business documents... Read More

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