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Powerful. Flexible. Our sales pipeline CRM makes it easy to organize, track and win more deals like never before.

sales pipeline crm

Bring complete clarity and focus into your sales pipeline

Eliminate the guesswork from sales process

Create multiple sales pipeline to fit your business

Know the health of each deal in real-time

Automate tasks at each stage of the sales pipeline

Never loose a deal due to missed follow-ups

Create easy, fun, and drag-and-drop sales experience

Powering 4,000+ sales teams across 70 countries
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Timing is everything in sales. Focus on the hot and high-value
deals to crush your sales quota. Always see an
up-to-the-minute picture of your sales pipeline.

Manage deals using pipeline management software
Remove sales roadblocks using pipeline CRM

The sales pipeline view makes it easy to find and fix the bottlenecks. Spot the deals that need attention. Know which deals have overdue activities. Shake out the deals that are stuck while the time is still on your side

No need to switch back and forth between screens when you are on a roll working through deals. Use quick views to make a call, send an email, complete an activity, add a note or update the deals right from your sales pipeline.

Stay on top of the action with pipeline management software

See how Salesmate can improve sales pipeline
management for your team.


It’s powerful, fun, and fully customizable
for your business

Capture deal from anywhere

Creating deals is bliss with Salesmate. No
more tedious and repetitive data entry. Important fields and associations are right in your contact details. Send new deals to your sales pipeline from your website’s contact
and lead generation forms. Spend more time doing the most important part of your job; selling.

Capture deal from anywhere
Customize to fit your process

Get notified when your prospect opens your email or clicks through the contents so that you can follow-up instantly while you have their attention.

Salesmate automatically links your conversations to right contacts and deals, so you don’t have to do it manually.

Customize to fit your process
Create multiple pipelines

No need to write emails from scratch! Use your saved templates to send personalized emails with one click directly from Gmail.

Gain insights into what emails are driving more sales and which ones need improvements.

Create multiple pipelines
Capture deal from anywhere using pipeline crm
Customize to fit your process
Create multiple pipelines
Understand & improve your sales performance


  • Is your pipeline solid enough to hit the your sales targets?
  • Do you know why Joe (your hypothetical
    sales rep) is losing more deals at the
    negotiation stage?
  • Which stage of the sales process is a struggle for your team?

Answer every possible question about your sales pipeline at an individual, team and organization level using interactive and actionable sales intelligence.

  • Sales Forecasting
  • Pipeline Insights
  • Goal Tracking
  • Sales Team Insights

More than just a sales pipeline

Segmention & Filtering
Segmention & Filtering

Segment and filter all your data to target and engage right deals

Activity Tracking
Activity Tracking

Automatically track emails, calls, texts, meetings as they happen

Sales Automation

Eliminate busywork by automating your sales process and playbook

Lost Reasons
Lost Reasons

Stop losing deals by identifying and addressing the sales challenges

Roles & Permissions
Roles & Permissions

Enable secure collaboration and divide responsibilities for your team

Mobile Sales

Keep closing more deals from anywhere and anytime

Everyone wins with a visual approach to
sales pipeline management

Win more deals with clarity, focus, and
personalized sales experience for your reps and
customers both.

Eliminate busywork and turn every rep into a
revenue machine with repeatable and automated
sales process like never before.

Consistently book more revenue with better,
faster, and automated sales operations for your

Everyone wins with a visual approach to sales pipeline management
Jacqui Sabo - pipeline crm

We can see our pipeline, including the sales process stages and the dollar volume at each stage. Since our inception 90 days ago, our pipeline has grown 100%

Jacqui Sabo Vice President, Faciliteq

lydstudiet - sales pipeline crm

Best CRM for me out the 15 I’ve tested.
I have spent several days using Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho, Freshsales, Close, etc.
and I didn’t get the same value

Anders Hansen Self-employed, Lydstudiet

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