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Shared team inbox

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Businesses of various shapes and sizes use multiple traditional email systems that provide zero transparency of the communication happening between different departments and customers. And for businesses that have developed their business process to match the current globalization trend managing communication between global teams gets hectic with forward and CC threads.

That is why Salesmate’s shared team inbox is going to bring relief for every team that is using a generic email address for their client communication. Our shared team inbox aims at providing users with a collaborative workspace that helps in managing all their email communication inside a shared environment.

This shared email environment boosts team productivity by improving their teams' overall email response time and resolve customer queries at a faster rate.

A collaborative workspace for high-end customer experience

Salesmate shared team inbox turns your email inbox into a collaborative workspace where your team gets the work done together, with enhanced productivity.Seamless email conversation management where you and your team stay on the same page regarding support questions, sales opportunities, and much more.Work with your team seamlessly in a shared email environment and enhance your email response time.

Productive team = Happy clientele

Team up productively with Salesmate shared team inbox

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Enable your team members to give their best

The shared team inbox feature update will bring various benefits to your team.

Centralized customer information

Having all your contacts information available within a few clicks allows your team to track all the past communication inside a centralized timeline. Availability of such information enables your various departments to personalize their responses making the customers feel important and more valued.

Collaboration over emails

With Salesmate shared inbox, involving individuals from different departments becomes easier with just a simple @mention. The ease of collaboration saves more time of the team members and allows them to give proper focus to provide resolution to customer queries.

Keeping customers happy

Your team members have a collaborative environment that allows them to look into the customers’ entire conversation history. With the ease of availability of such crucial information, your team members take lesser time in resolving customer queries and increase their email response time. Such a process keeps your customers loyal towards the business.

Easy group email management

Set up your shared team inbox environment using G-suite, MS Office 365 and any webmail service provider. With group email management allow your team to seamlessly manage multiple email conversations and never let any customer query leak through the cracks.

Quick customer responses

The availability of customer and deal information inside the CRM allows you to personalize the responses of individual customer emails. Easily assign the owner of the email to know who should reply to the emails and add the email communication to deals directly. With clearly defined role and responsibility, enhance the visibility of the email conversations, allow quick internal discussions for delivering better and quicker customer experiences.

Save more time

Shared team inbox will enable tagging email conversations using various color codes which will allow a quick search for any important email conversations and save more time. Use email templates for sending canned responses to your team members and customers for having a quick resolution. This not only saves time but keeps your customers happy with your responses.

Mobile flexibility

You can effortlessly collaborate on your client’s emails through your smartphone as well. Access your client communication through Salesmate’s mobile app (Android and iOS) and assist them in real-time. Cut down on response time and resolve queries at a faster rate.

Smarter analytics for smarter working upcoming

In our upcoming updates, we will be introducing smarter analytics related to your team’s email response time. With key metrics such as the response time of your team and the overall email volume, you can measure the team’s performance and improve upon it if required.


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